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Instruments currently produced in Ashford, Kent, England since 2008. Distributed in the U.S. by Low End Distribution.
Enfield Guitars was started by Martin Sims in 2008. Enfield Guitars began as a personal project by Sims to build a line of high-end professional bass guitars. Sims also worked with his father building high-end power boats and later in the Formula 1 industry. In 1994, Sims started the Sims Custom L.E.D. company that built LEDs for guitars and basses. Sims later expanded with Sims Spray Shop, a CNC manufacturing facility for guitar/bass bodies and necks, and building parts for other England guitar makers. In 2008, Sims launched Enfield Guitars at the London Guitar Show. These bass guitars feature the Super 8 pickup that has eight separate coils that can be split both horizontally and vertically. Prices on Enfield bass guitars start at $4,350 plus options. For more information, visit Enfield's website or contact them directly.

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