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Instruments previously produced in Ardmore, PA between 1959 and 1965. Elger began importing instruments produced in Japan during the early 1960s.
Elger instruments were distributed in the U.S. by the Elger Company of Ardmore, PA. The roots of the Elger company were founded in 1954 by Harry Rosenbloom when he opened Medley Music in Bryn Mawr, PA. In 1959, Rosenbloom decided to produce his own acoustic guitars as the Elger Company (named after his children, Ellen and Gerson). Rosenbloom soon turned from U.S. production to Japanese when the Elger company became partners with Hoshino Gakki Gen, and introduced the Ibanez trademark to the U.S. market. Elger did maintain the Pennsylvania facilities to check incoming shipments and correct any flaws prior to shipping merchandise out to their dealers. For further company history, see Ibanez. Source: Michael Wright, Guitar Stories, Volume One.

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