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Instruments (guitar models) previously built in Lemon Grove, CA from 1989 to 1991. Deering has produced high quality banjos in Lemon Grove since 1975.
In 1975, Greg and Janet Deering began producing the quality banjos for which the company is known. While continuing to offer innovative banjo designs, the Deerings also offer several models from entry level to professional play.
Deering offers a banjo model that is tuned and played like a guitar. The MB-6 is designed for the guitar player who doesn´t have to learn banjo to play banjo. The MB-6 is also available in a 12-string configuration.
In the late 1980s, Deering offered four different solid body guitar models in two variations that carried a retail price between $1,498-$2,850. The guitar models were also offered with some custom options, but were only produced for a little over one year.
For more information on Deering banjos, contact the company directly.

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