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Guitars currently produced overseas and in Chicago, IL since 2009. Distributed by DBZ Guitars.
Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars, left the company in 2008 and started a new guitar company called DBZ Guitars. Zelinsky founded Dean Guitars in 1977 and developed a reputation as an innovator building high-quality electric guitars that looked unstoppable on stage. Dean was the first to offer custom appointments like flame maple tops, full binding, block pearl inlays, state of the art electronics and brilliant finishes on radical designs fit for stage. Dean grew into a large company that continues to offer a wide variety of musical instruments. Zelinsky has partnered with Jeff Diamant of Diamond Amplification to aid in the development of his new guitar line. DBZ Guitars embraces the latest in guitar building technology, forward thinking designs, vivid graphics and dimensional body contouring. DBZ offers both radical shapes as well as traditional rounded guitars. A line of acoustic guitars is available as well. For more information, visit DBZ Guitars' website or contact them directly.

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