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Instruments currently produced in Washington state since 1976.
Master builder, designer, and restoration artist Denis Merrill has trained with the finest craftsmen in the world. He builds classical, acoustic and electric guitars, basses, archtops, mandolins, and harp guitars. He specializes in innovation and is able to create instruments for all different body types and physical conditions. He is a classically trained fine artist with work in museum and private collections. He has written numerous articles relating to the art and craft of guitar making.
A Darling Guitar is a thing of inspiration and magic - part science, art, and deft craftsmanship. All instruments convey a unique and individual sonic quality that can be traced to the builder. Superior instruments of all kinds judged as such because their sound mysteriously defies explanation - they are magical. Darling Guitars are strong in tradition, and they are an eco-friendly business with high tech smart designs and advanced ergonomics for special needs. No standard models are offered - just high standards. Prices range from $1,200 to $8,000, and according to Merrill, his used guitars are selling for approximately three times their value in 2002.
Denis offers accurate vintage-voiced heirloom quality at non-vintage prices. He uses 30 to 100-year-old aged materials to create a true vintage sound. He includes a proprietary treatment called "Soul Aging," which adds a distinct vintage-quality sound typically associated with years of playing. All are completed with traditional and custom-made finishes using natural dyes and extracts applied with Old World techniques. Using proprietary build techniques, including many components that are custom-made, he is always open to new suggestions and ideas. For more information, visit Darling's website or contact Merrill directly.

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