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Instruments previously built in Japan between the 1970s and late 1980s.
The CSL trademark was used by UK importer C. Summerfield Ltd. The 1970s copies of American designs were built at the same source as Ibanez (and Ibanez copies were good enough for a lawsuit from Norlin!); later solid body designs in the 1980s look vaguely Fender-ish. Two known examples include a Les Paul style and a Strat style that are very strong and well-built with bolt-on necks. The Les Paul has "Deluxe '59er Model" on the headstock, and includes two humbucker style pickups, fixed bridge, adjustable saddle, gold hardware, and black finish. The other features follow those of the real Les Paul. The Strat copy also is very similar to real Stratocasters with three single coil pickups, three knobs, and five-way switch. Prices on these guitars can usually be found between $75 and $200. Source: Tony Bacon and Paul Day, The Guru's Guitar Guide, and Tim Swain.

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