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Instruments currently built in Springfield, MO since 1984. Distributed by Conklin Guitars in Springfield, MO.
Bill Conklin began producing one-of-a-kind custom instruments in 1984 after designing the Quick Co-Necked Double Neck; a guitar and bass component system in which the individual instruments can be played separately or in their doubleneck configuration.
Early Conklin models incorporate traditional body styles as well as more outlandish signature models like the Boomerang, Elec-trick, or the Shadow. Conklin guitars were offered with many custom options, such as custom finishes and graphics, electronic packages, and fingerboard inlays.
In 1991, Conklin offered an entirely new guitar construction technique called Melted Tops. These three-piece and five-piece tops differ from the standard bookmatched variety in that they consist of different species of wood joined with virtually flawless joints. Each Melted Top is unique in its species selection, orientation, and grain patterns - which ensures a limitless combination of exotic tops. The Melted Top configuration is offered on all Session Model versions of Conklin instruments.
The Sidewinder seven-string bass was introduced in 1992, and offered such features as full stereo panning, pickup splitting, an on-board parametric EQ, and the full range and versatility of up to a three-octave fingerboard. Tuned from the low B to high F, the Sidewinder seven-string is perfect for chording, soloing, slap and funk styles. Currently, the Sidewinder body design is the basis for the New Century Bass series, and is available in four-, five-, six-, and seven-string configurations.
Another innovative addition to the Conklin product line is the M.E.U. or Mobile Electric Upright bass. Introduced in 1995, this electric upright bass is strapped on like an electric bass but hangs on the body in an upright position. The M.E.U. can be plucked or bowed, and is fully mobile and easily transported. It´s even small enough to fit the overhead compartment of most airplanes.
The past several years have shown tremendous growth from Bill Conklin and the staff from Conklin Guitars. Conklin credits a large part of his success to the practice of listening and catering to the wants and needs of each individual customer.
Conklin also offers handcrafted instruments with numerous custom options. All Conklin instruments carry a limited lifetime warranty. For more information refer to Conklin's website or contact them directly.

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