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Instruments currently built in the USA, since 1981.
Martin Clevinger has been building solid body electric double basses since the early 1980's. The first Clevinger was constructed in 1981. As a working bassist on both the acoustic and bass guitar for many years, Clevinger knew that a durable electric double bass could be built that would be appropriate for modern music and help lessen the wear and tear on a bassist's delicate feedback-prone acoustic double bass. Clevinger originally purchased and was dissatisfied with a Framus Triumph and a Zorko. He then set out to build prototypes that overcame their shortcomings. After building a few basses and playing them on gigs, other bassists immediately took notice, and wanted Clevinger to build instruments for them. The original Clevinger Bass has been reissued. Clevinger Reissue: These vintage models are faithful reproductions of the 1981-1984 models. They retain the keyhole body shape, the cut scroll head with deep neck heel. The pickup system and controls have been updated (Clevinger Arco Virtuoso Near Field pickup). Each is custom-built on demand, and carries a retail price of $3,595. This model has a choice of Vintage Honey transparent, Vintage Black with Honey Transparent neck, or custom colors. For more information, visit Clevinger's website or contact them directly. Information courtesy Martin Clevinger.

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