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Instruments currently built in Ireland beginning in 1977.
Since 1977, Chris Larkin Custom Guitars have been based at Castlegregory, County Kerry, on the west coast of Ireland. Chris Larkin works alone hand building a range of original designs to custom order to a very high level of quality from the finest available materials. The range is wide including acoustic, electric, archtop, semi-acoustic guitars, acoustic, electric, semi-acoustic, and archtop mandolins. One-off designs are also built and Chris admits to having made some very high spec copies when offered enough money. Whenever possible Chris uses Irish wood in his instruments. Chris is a partner in the Leonardo Guitar Research Project, which is supported by the European Union and is promoting the use of non-tropical woods in the guitar making industry thus helping to save the rain forests and the residents of those forests.
As each instrument is handmade to order, the customer has a wide choice of woods, colors, fret type, fingerboard radius, neck profile, and dimensions within the design to enable the finished instrument to better suit the player often within the standard price range. Every model can be customised further as required. All Larkin instruments from 1980 on have a shamrock as the headstock inlay. Sales are worldwide through distributors in some areas, or direct from the maker. For more information, visit Larkin's website or contact him directly.

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