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Instruments currently built in Chico, CA. Distributed by Chandler. Guitars were previously built in Burlingame, CA, from 1982-2000. No production occured 2000-02. In 2002, production resumed in Chico, CA.
Chandler was located in Burlingame, California from 1980-2000. The company originally focused on providing high quality replacement guitar parts, and then expanded to include guitar production beginning in 1985. Chandler's high quality models definitely feature some original design innovations!
In 1996, Chandler began offering a line of lap steels. The RH-2 (MSR $750) features a solid mahogany body, while the RH-4 is a hollow body of mahogany or koa. The RH-7 is a baritone model lap steel (30 in. scale length).
The company offered a line of guitar accessories such as the Super 60 hand wound pickups, Chandler vintage-style replacement pickups, the CC-90 soap bar pickup, replacement pickguards, as well as other related components. Chandler's electrical components featured the Stereo Digital Echo, an analog/digital rack unit that emulates a tape-driven echo effect; the Dynamo tube preamp, Tone-X active mid-boost circuit, and others.
In 2002, Chandler started producing guitars again. Some models are based on previous designs while others are new. For more information, contact Chandler directly.

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