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Instruments currently built in Camarillo, CA since 2011. Previously produced between 1981 and 2011 in Venice, CA.
Carruthers Guitars, owned by luthier and instrument designer John Carruthers, offers a wide variety of exquisitely custom-built guitars and basses, including the "SUB-1" Upright electric Bass and the newest CSA (Carruthers Semi-Acoustic). Carruthers has helped shape the guitar industry for over 40 years by consulting for Fender, Ibanez, and Yamaha guitar companies and by engineering and producing his own successful brand of custom guitars. He has also published numerous books on guitar repair and wrote articles and reviews for Guitar Player Magazine for ten years. His Venice, CA factory included a world-reknowned repair and modification facility which provided a full range of expert repairs and modifications for guitars and basses to clients from all over the world. Carruthers Guitars also has a fully-complemented repair and restore facility for vintage guitar amps. Original tube testers, oscilloscopes, capacitance meters, and a healthy stock of vintage parts make Carruthers Guitars the place to get your amp back into excellent shape. For more information, visit Carruthers Guitars' website or contact them directly.

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