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Instruments currently built in Medford, MA.
Luthier Eddie Carlino builds his custom Identity and Impulse guitars and also operates a retail music store in Medford, MA. Carlino built his first guitar when he was in high school in 1981, and began experimenting with less traditional designs. His Identity and Impulse models are inspired from a combination of guitars including Gibson's modernistic guitars (especially the Explorer) with some B.C. Rich, Ibanez influence, and melding that into a familiar yet totally new design that he originally built some 30 years ago. Each guitar is a one of a kind instrument and they all have unique appointments including 5A figured tops, three bridge/tailpiece options on each model and a variety of options and features. Prices range between $2,649 to $4,899 retail. There are three new models coming as well including a single cutaway shape, a V shape, and a super Strat shape as well as import models for younger players and for those that want a lower priced yet still high quality alternative to the USA models listed here. Carlino's music store offers a variety of guitars, amplifiers, and accessories as well. For more information, visit Carlino's website or contact them directly.

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