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Instruments previously produced in China during the mid-2000s. Distributed in the U.S. by America Sejung Corp. in Walnut, CA.
Canvas Guitars produced a line of beginner electric guitars and basses. Canvas thought of guitars as more than skin deep. A painter uses more than just paint and a canvas to create art - the same can be applied to guitars. A guitar is more than how it looks - it all depends upon how the guitar is built and toned. Most electric guitars are modeled slightly on popular American designs. Canvas offered the CVN20, which is the first "non-cutaway" electric for songwriters and singers. Full hollowbody and semi-hollowbody models were also available. Prices ranged from $200 to $330 for solidbodies, $350 to $480 for full and semi-hollowbodies, and $220 to $270 for electric basses.

From Blue Book Publications:

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