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Instruments currently built in Winchester, VA since 1989.
Callaham Vintage Guitars creates vintage reproduction solid body electric guitars and amplifiers. Callaham feels that only a small number of guitars from the 1950s and 1960s are in proper playing condition - the majority are worn excessively, have replaced parts (or swapped parts), or have been rendered un-playable by incompetent repairmen through the years. With a large number of historical books on the market, it can be demonstrated that the large manufacturers' vintage reproductions are rough approximations. Rather than pay extreme prices on the vintage market, Callaham figures to offer reproductions of the vintage guitars that players are searching for, and to offer them at prices that players are prepared to pay.
Callaham manufactures all of their own bodies and necks, and is concentrating on their own line of guitars which have many custom features (they are not interested in making one-of-a-kind or replica guitars). While they do offer some of the parts (hardware and electronics) used on their guitars, they do not sell the necks and bodies separately. For more information, visit Callaham's website or contact them directly.

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