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Instruments currently built in Franklin, NC. Distributed by the Buscarino Guitar Company of Franklin, NC.
Luthier John Buscarino apprenticed with Master acoustic guitar builder Augustino LoPrinzi for over a year in 1978, and with Bob Benedetto of archtop lutherie fame from 1979 to 1981. Later that year, Buscarino formed Nova U.S.A., which built high quality solid body electrics and acoustic/electric instruments. In 1990, Buscarino changed the company name to Buscarino Guitars to reflect the change to building acoustic instruments. Buscarino continues to produce limited production custom guitars, and is currently focusing on archtop guitar building. Circa 2002, they relocated to Franklin, NC, from Largo, FL. For current information on John Buscarino's acoustic and acoustic archtop models, please refer to the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars. For more information, visit Buscarino's website or contact him directly.

From Blue Book Publications:

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