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Instruments currently built in Aliquippa, PA since 1989.
Dino Fiumara was first inspired to build guitars at 19 when he and a childhood friend refurbished an upright bass. Dino's curiosity grew with basses as he learned how to play and tinkered with bass models. He opened a music store in Pittsburgh and taught lessons, performed, and repaired all kinds of instruments. Dino's real start into building guitars was when he was at the creative arts center at the West Virginia University and saw his first upright electric bass up close. Later on, he went home, took measurments of his acoustic bass, and began building! Dino began a close association with Bill Bartolini where they traded ideas and prototypes of transducers. They finally settled on a design that was compatible with the trasducerized bridge Dino had created. The first instruments produced were hollowbodies known as the 2000 series. A semi-acoustic model was released later, and they all finally evolved into the Allegro design.
BSX focuses on upright basses that are high-quality yet portable and playable. The T Series feature detachable necks for easy transport (47 in. total length). For more information visit BSXs website or contact them directly.

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