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Instruments currently built in Rosedale, MD. Distributed by Brubaker Guitars of Rosedale, MD. Brubaker has been producing instruments since 1990. They were originally located in Westminster, MD moved to Reisterstown, MD circa 2004, and relocated to Rosedale, MD in mid-2013.
Luthier Kevin Brubaker is the master luthier at Brubaker. They have been producing guitars and basses as Brubaker since 1990. All instruments are built by hand starting with slabs of wood, followed by hand-machining, and pin-routing. Brubaker instruments have tonal qualities of both a set neck and a bolt-on, thanks to this unique neck-through-bolt-on joint. The neck goes eight inches into the body (seven inches for the guitar), giving lateral stability and sustain. In 1999, after being a custom-order company only, Brubaker started seeking dealers to sell their instruments.
Unfortunately, Brubaker suffered a total loss by fire in August, 2003, but they were producing guitars again by early 2004. They relocated shortly thereafter from Westminster to Reisterstown. All Brubaker guitars come with a hardshell case included in the price. There are also numerous possible upgrades such as different types of woods, bindings, and hardware. In mid-2013, Brubaker moved to Rosedale, MD. For more information, visit Brubaker's website or contact them directly.

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