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Electric guitars produced in Bend, OR between 2007 and early 2010. Distributed by the Breedlove Guitar Company in Bend, OR. The Breedlove trademark was established in 1990.
Kim Breedlove was inspired to build guitars while on a six-month surfing trip in Mexico during the 1970s. Kim had a strong art background, and he used that with the tools and experience he gathered to build guitars. Breedlove is known for building guitars with beautiful woods and stunning inlay work. Breedlove and Steve Henderson came together in 1990 to form Breedlove Guitars and moved to the Pacific Northwest. They worked as a custom-shop style factory until about 1995, when they started to offer more standard production models. In 2004, they turned their main models into strictly custom shop orders and introduced the Atlas Series. These guitars are hand built in Korea and inspected upon their arrival in the U.S. They also produce a line of mandolins. In 2007, the first chambered electric Breedlove guitars were introduced. In early 2010, Breedlove announced that they were discontinuing production on all electric instruments. Currently their president and CEO is Peter Newport, and the vice president is Kim Breedlove. For more information, visit Breedlove's website or contact them directly.

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