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Instruments previously built in Gig Harbor, WA.
Over twenty years ago, Lynn Ellsworth and Wayne Charvel founded Boogie Body guitars, a two-man company that produced electric guitar bodies of exotic woods. During the 1970s, Boogie Body had an impressive client roster of Eddie Van Halen (the red- and white-striped guitars), The Who, and Steppenwolf. Ellsworth closed Boogie Body in 1982, but reopened the company later in Gig Harbor, WA.
Ellsworth also developed the 2TEK bridge, an innovative through-body bridge system that improves the overall sound of guitars and basses. Boogie Body/VVT Technologies is also building Speedster hand-crafted amplifiers, an innovative design that features front panel control over the tube amp's biasing. In addition to the Mayan Gold series basses, Boogie Body also offered the BC-1 guitar model.

From Blue Book Publications:

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