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Guitars and basses currently produced in Bosie, ID since 1978. Distributed by Black Canyon Distributing, LLC in Boise, ID.
Luthier John Bolin and his staff at Bolin Guitars build both standard and custom guitars and basses. Although Bolin has two standard line of guitars that he offers, he is probably best-known for his custom work. Artists such as Billy Gibbons, Rick Derringer, Steve Miller, and Keith Richards have all played Bolin guitars and he also produced a guitar to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Shelby Cobra for Shelby America. In circa 1996, Bolin introduced the NS Series of guitars and basses that were designed by Ned Steinberger and suggested by Steve Miller. The Classic guitar represents Bolin's other standard line of guitars. For more information, visit Bolin's website or contact them directly.

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