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Instruments currently produced in Garden of the Gods park, in Colorado Springs, CO since 2007. Previously produced in Manitou Springs, CO between 2003 and 2006.
Located in the beautiful Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Blindworm Guitars is the manifestation of luthier Andrew Scott. A life of commercial artistry and music, and his desire to stretch the boundaries of woodworking have led to the creation of these instruments. The unique materials and sleek design work are an obvious focus, but Andrew's true obsessions are flawless precision and superior sound quality. "This isn't wall art; we are creating sonic masterpieces prepared for serious use."
The customization possibilities are literally endless, from the overall design, style, and dimensions of the instrument, to the hardware, woods, inlay, sculpting, and electronic components. No CNC machines are involved in any process. All inlay materials are milled from scratch and personally cut by hand allowing a limitless variety of raw materials to choose from, such as dinosaur bone and teeth, sacred relics, precious jewels, jade, and even meteorite. Every piece of wood is hand selected by Andrew, with meticulous attention to both aesthetics and tonal properties. Relentless attention to precision and consistency is applied to the entire process of each and every instrument.
At the very heart of Blindworm Guitars lies an intense dedication to spirituality and mysticism. Constant attention to the luthier's mindset during construction, as well as the build environment is of utmost importance. A deep respect and commitment to a customer's beliefs and wishes, are a given in any build. Head luthier Andrew works with luthier Steve Sells and administrator Melinda Granke. For more information, visit Blindworm's website or contact Andrew Scott directly.

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