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Instruments currently built in Minneapolis, MN since 1981.
Luthier Roger Benedict began building guitars back in 1974 out east in Elizabethtown, New York. Benedict moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1981, and continued to build custom guitars. In 1988, he unveiled the Groovemaster model (as named by Jackson Browne, who owns two), a Strat-styled semi-hollowbody design. Unfortunately, Benedict passed away in 1994. He was remembered all over Minneapolis by musicians as a generous man who was easy-going and a great luthier.
In late 1995, Bill Hager purchased the rights to the trademark and designs from the estate, and continues to produce Benedict guitars. Hager, a printer and luthier, was apprenticed to Roger Benedict for five years. Hager continues to offer the Groovemaster, as well as a baritone guitar, and an acoustic/electric, and continues to build custom models. For more information, contact Benedict Guitars directly.

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