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Instruments previously built in New York, NY during the 1990s. Distributed by Bass O Lin (Dan Agostino) in Lanoka Harbor, NJ.
Designer Danny Agostino offered "the world's most versatile electric bass." Inspired in the early 1970s by Jimmy Page's explorations of a Les Paul and a violin bow, Agostino developed a bass design in the early 1980s that could be played by tapping, plucking, or bowing. The Bass O Lin's bridge is constructed similarly to an upright bass' bridge, with different string planes for bowing access.
The bass' unique design allows ten different playing positions, three different strap configurations (standing, or on either leg in a sitting position), and five different positions seated or standing with the optional quick-release playing stand. This stand features non-dampening rubber mounts that allow the instrument to vibrate freely.

From Blue Book Publications:

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