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See Domino in the D section. Instruments previously manufactured in Japan circa mid- to late 1960s. Distributed by Maurice Lipsky Music Company, Inc., of New York, NY.
Baron solidbody guitars were advertised as "Perfect for the Beginner," and featured an offset double cutaway body, six-on-a-side headstock, Jaguar-ish tremolo bridge, and one large pickguard with an individual on/off pickup switch (per pickup), volume/tone knobs, and a phase on/off switch. The Model 401 was offered with one pickup (retail list $57), two pickups (retail list $69), three pickups (retail list $85), or four pickups (retail list $97). These guitars were all finished in solid colors, no doubt in order to cover the plywood nature of the body. Domino catalog courtesy John Kinnemeyer, JK Lutherie.

From Blue Book Publications:

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