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Instruments previously built in Ramona, CA and San Marcos, CA between 1994 and 2010.
Azola was founded by Steve and Jill Azola in the early 1990s to produce a modern version of Ampeg's famous Baby Bass. Azola's line of electric uprights grew dramatically after bringing the Baby Bass (Ampeg-like) back to life and giving it their own twist and modern versatility. In 1997, the evolution of the Baby Bass came full circle when Ampeg contracted Azola to manufacture the official reissue Ampeg Baby Bass with a fiberglass body and magnetic diaphragm pickup system. During the 1990s and 2000s, Azola expanded their line extensively and produced a number of EUB (Electric Upright Basses). Azola also had a custom shop that produced instruments on a special order only basis directly from the factory. In 2010, Steve Azola announced that he was taking a sabbatical from building basses and is currently not taking any orders for future basses. However, Azola will still honor warranties as well as answer customer service questions as time allows. Azola has built around 1,200 basses between 1994 and 2010.

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