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Instruments currently built in Matsumoto (Nagano), Japan. Distributed by Atlansia Instrumental Technology, Ltd. of Matsumoto, Japan.
The best way to describe instruments designed and built by luthier N. Hayashi is sleek. Every curve on any model seems aerodynamic, and the instruments have a nice balance to them. During the early 1980s, models like the Concorde, Stealth, and Galaxie were offered in the U.S. market (the U.S. distributor was based in Texas). These models, and many more, are still available through the manufacturer in Japan.
Atlansia guitars and basses are readily identifiable by the Atlansia logo on the headstock (or body). Models will feature either covered single coil or humbucker pickups; Atlansia also produces the ARS individual round pickups (generally one per string) which are the size of dimes. These pickups are similar to the individual round Bunker designs in that each one contains its own pole piece and winding. For more information, visit Atlansia's website.

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