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Also AUDIO SOUND INTERNATIONAL. Instruments previously built in Korea. Previously distributed in the U.S. market by Audio Sound International, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN.
ASI, the company that also supplied Quantum amplifiers and Rackmaster gear, developed a number of solidbody guitars to market the Sustainiac pickup system.
The Sustainiac system as developed by Maniac Music features on-board magnetic circuitry to create real string sustain. Similar to the system that Kaman/Hamer put in the Chaparral Elite, ASI used both the GA2 and GA4 in a number of Taiwan-, Korean-, and Japanese-built guitars in an effort to bring the system down to a more affordable price in the guitar market. The AE 7S was an earlier model from 1990, and was followed by the AS-121 in 1991. Two more maple-bodied models followed (the AS 100 and AS 85).
Used prices must be weighed from the pickup system against the quality of the guitar it is installed in. Average prices run from $150 up to $250.

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