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Instruments currently produced in Korea. Distributed in the US by Crafter USA in Ashland VA, or Windsor, CA.
Ashland Guitars were originally an electric brand to compliment the acoustic line of Crafter guitars. HyunKwon Park founded Crafter guitars in 1972. In 1986, his son Injae, joined forces and they started building more guitars. Since 2000, they have expanded the Crafter line immensly and started the Ashland electric line. Most guitars were copies of popular American designs, but Ashland offers a few of their own twists on a few models. In the mid-2000s, Crafter became the U.S. distributor of the Burns UK line and they also started producing electric guitars under the Crafter name, so they discontinued the Ashland trademark on electric guitars. Crafter currently uses Ashland on a line of budget/entry-level acoustic guitars.

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