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Instruments currently produced in Venice, CA since 1982.
Luthier Bill Asher builds electric guitars and lap steels in his Venice, CA shop. Asher first apprenticed at Jeff Lunsford's shop in Los Angeles in 1982 where he worked on building and repairing guitars. In 1985, Asher opened his own shop performing high quality guitar work. In 1987, Asher sold his store but continued to hone his guitar repairing by working with Rick Turner and Mark Lacey. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Asher built a huge clientele list of musicians, dealers, and collectors, and in 1998 he worked with Ben Harper to create a slide guitars. Asher and his small team of luthiers/employees continue to produce electric and lap steel guitars. For more information, visit Asher's website or contact them directly.

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