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Instruments previously produced in Japan between circa 1967 and 1972. Distributed in the U.S. by St. Louis Music in St. Louis, MO.
Apollo instruments were generally entry-level to student-quality guitars that featured original designs which incorporated some American design ideas as well as some Burns-inspired pointy body shapes. St. Louis Music, the American distributors, switched from Valco-built Custom Craft models to the Japanese-produced instruments in the 1970s when domestic sources dried up. This product line included thinline hollow body electric archtops as the solidbody guitars and basses.
Most of the Apollo instruments were built by Kawai, who also produced Teisco guitars during this time period. St. Louis Music also introduced their Electra trademark in 1971 (classic American-based designs), and phased out Apollo instruments sometime in the mid-1970s. Apollo was St. Louis Music's budget line brand.
While technically a vintage instrument (based on date of production), market desirability dictates the prices found for Apollo guitars. Examine the construction quality of the hollowbody models (especially the neck pocket) before spending the big bucks! Prices should range between $150 and $400, depending on condition and playability. Source: Michael Wright, Vintage Guitar Magazine.

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