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Instruments previously built in Corpus Christi or Brownsville, TX, during the mid- to late 1960s.
With the help of repairman Gene Warner of Meteor Music (San Antonio), Teisco Del Rey attempted to track down the origins of the Anderbilt (also possibly Andertone) guitars. The builder was rumored to be a Baptist minster, and the educated guess was that his last name was Anderson.
The most striking feature of Anderbilt guitars is the vibrato; rather than being located on the bridge or tailpiece, the neck is the mechanism! Built in the style of a pump shotgun, the entire neck has to be pushed in toward the body and pulled away to raise or lower the pitch. Features on the guitar include a six-on-one-side headstock, two pickups, a "coat-of-arms" body design, and separate volume and tone knobs for each pickup. Any further information on Anderbilt can be submitted directly to Blue Book Publications Source: Teisco Del Rey, Guitar Player Magazine, October 1988.

From Blue Book Publications:

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