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Instruments currently built in Nazareth, PA. American Archtop guitars have been produced since 1996.
Dale Unger, the president and owner of American Archtop Guitars, is the sole craftsman behind each of his custom designed instruments. Unger, a former apprentice to luthier Robert Benedetto for four years, grew up in the Nazareth, Pennsylvania area, and recalls building Martin-style flattop acoustics during the 1970s. His twenty-plus years of guitar building served as a great foundation for the four years working and studying with Benedetto, beginning in 1991. Since that time, Unger has incorporated all of his knowledge and experience into developing his own line of handcrafted archtop guitars. Unger also collaborated with Martin in the early 2000s to produced the Martin Special Edition CF-1 and CF-2 electric archtop guitars. For more information, visit Unger's website or contact him directly.

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