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Instruments currently built in El Monte, CA.
Luthier Richard C. Allen has been playing guitar since his high school days in the late 1940s, and has been collecting, repairing, and building guitars ever since. After working sixteen years as a warehouseman for a paper company, Allen began doing repair work for West Coast guitar wholesalers and distributors like C. Bruno and Pacific Music. In 1972, Allen began building guitars full time.
Allen's designs focus on hollowbody and semi-hollowbody guitars. While he has built some electric guitars, the design was semi-hollow (similar to the Rickenbacker idea) with a flattop/back and f-holes. Currently, Allen focuses on jazz-style archtops. After fifty-plus years of building guitars, he is building 15 in., 16 in., 17 in., and 18 in. wide guitars. He also worked on building a series of commemorative guitars honoring country singer Hank Thompson. For more information, contact Allen directly.

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