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Instruments currently produced in China since the early 2000s with their headquarters based in Korea. Distributed in the U.S. by Alden Guitar, USA in Plympton, MA.
Alden guitars is a collaboration between British luthier Alan Entwhistle and the Korean-based guitar company Muse R&D, Inc. Alden offers a variety of solidbody and semi-hollowbody electric guitars, electric basses, guitar amplifiers, and other guitar related accessories. Alden offers a combination of traditional designs including Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmasters, Les Pauls, and Mosrites as well as several original designs. They have also offered acoustic guitars and mandolins. Alden is now offering Zemaitis and Teye-inspired guitars with elaborate inlays and engraved aluminum tops on their guitars. Prices typically range between $600 and $800. For more information, visit Alden's website or contact the distributor directly.

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