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Instruments previously manufactured in San Antonio, TX from 1960 to 1970. Distributed in part by C. Bruno & Sons.
In 1947, Charles Eilenberg was recruited by Milton Fink to manufacture electronic gear in San Antonio, TX. Fink, the owner of Southern Music company, was a publisher and music wholesaler. By 1950, the company was producing instrument cases, tube amplifiers, and lap steel guitars (as well as radios and phonographs).
The company continued to expand, and in 1960 introduced its first electric Spanish guitar. Alamo offered both solidbody and semi-hollow electrics that were generally entry-level quality, and designed with the student or beginner player in mind. Outside of a few Valco-produced models, all Alamo guitars were built in San Antonio during the ten-year period. The company also continued to produce tube amplifiers until 1970, when solid state models began to be produced. Alamo went out of business in 1982. Source: Michael Wright, Vintage Guitar Magazine.

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