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Also see Supro. Instruments currently produced in Korea by Eastwood Guitars since 2004. Distributed by Eastwood Guitars in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Previously manufactured by Valco in Chicago, IL between 1958 and 1968. See chapter on House Brands.
This trademark has been identified as a House Brand of the Montgomery Wards department store chain. These guitars were produced by Kay and were basically variations of what Kay had already built. There are several models just like there are in Kay; therefore, it is almost impossible to list them all.
Author/researcher Willie G. Moseley indicates that the unique body design is proprietary to the Airline brand. Models can be found constructed of both Res-O-Glas (a hollow fiberglass body) and wood.
Valco began building solidbody wood instruments in 1952, and built fiberglass body electric guitars from 1962 to 1966. The top of Airline headstocks, just like the Nationals, ran low-to-high from the left to the right. Not that it matters with regard to playability and tone, but Supros dipped the headstock in the opposite way. Sources: Willie G. Moseley, Stellas & Stratocasters and Michael Wright, Guitar Stories, Volume Two.
Eastwood Guitars reintroduced the Airline brand in 2004 as a line of reasonably priced guitars imported from Asia. These guitars are designed after Airline's popular models including the Res-O-Glas (Map) model. For more information, visit Eastwood's website or contact them directly.

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