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MOSRITE MODEL IDENTIFICATION Mosrite guitars are easily identifiable by the "M" notch in the top of the headstock. Mosrite models produced in the 1960s have a "M" initial in a edged circle, and "Mosrite" (in block letters) "of California" (in smaller script) logo.
Contrary to vintage guitar show information in the current "Age of Fender mania," Mosrite instruments were not available in those (rare) Fender finishes like "Candy Apple Red" and "Lake Placid Blue." Catalog colors were identified as Blue or Red. Mosrite did offer option colored finishes like Metallic Blue and Metallic Red.
SemieĀ“s designs offered numerous innovations, most notable being the Vibra-Mute vibrato. This item was designed for the Ventures models and can be used to help identify early Mosrite instruments. The early vibratos (pre-1977) have Vibra-Mute and Mosrite on them, while later vibratos have Mosrite alone on them. More distinction can be made among the earliest instruments with Vibra-Mutes by observing the casting technique used. While the early vibratos were sandcast, later units were diecast (once funding was available).
During the heyday of Mosrite production in Bakersfield, model designations in the catalog would list a Mark I to designate a 6-string model, Mark XII to indicate the 12-string version, and Mark X to designate the bass model within a series. These Mark designations are a forerunner to - but not the same usage as - the later 1967-1969 Mark "No Logo" series.

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