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ALVAREZ GENERAL INFORMATION All Alvarez acoustic steel string guitars (except models 5212, 5214 and 5216), have a stylized double A shell logo inlay and rosewood veneer on their pegheads. Regent series models are the entry level to the Alvarez line, and generally feature laminated tops, backs, and sides. Artist series models feature more exotic woods, and have shell and pearl inlay work. Professional series models have solid tops. The acoustic/electric Fusion series models currently feature the Alvarez System 500 bridge pickup/on-board EQ. Alvarez numbered their guitars with a four-digit designation up until 1998. In 1999, they started using a two-letter and two-number system. Each series can be identified by this system. The first letters are for the series and style (i.e.: AD stands for Artist Dreadnought). The following two numbers are the rank in the series. The higher the number, the higher quality wood and such. Almost all Alvarez acoustic guitars are available with an electronic option. This addition retails for $300 for the System 500 MK II and $400 for the System 600T. As a rule, an additional 20% can be added to instruments that feature this as an option and not standard equipment. Another 10% can be added with the original case that is an option and not standard equipment.

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