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Instruments previously built in Philadelphia, PA between 1977 and 2002.
Master luthier John R. Zeidler built quality custom guitars for over twenty-five years between the mid-1970s and 2002. Zeidler's background encompassed woodworking, metal smithing, tool making, and music. Zeidler built high quality archtop and flattop guitars, as well as mandolins and a few electric guitars and pedal steels early on. Zeidler was also commissioned to build one of the blue guitars for the Scott Chinery/Smithsonian Institute display. John passed away from leukemia at the age of forty-four in May, 2002. After Zeidler's death, fourteen master luthiers came together to build the Zeidler Project guitar, which featured several high quality appointments and was offered for sale at $100,000.

From Blue Book Publications:

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