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Instruments currently built in North Stonington, CT since 1984.
Luthier Kim Walker was involved in the musical instrument making business since 1973, and began building F-5 style mandolins in 1982. Walker worked for a number of years at George Gruhn's repair and restoration workshop, where he was able to work in close association with other fine instrument builders such as Mark Lacey, Paul McGill, and Steven Gilchrist. Walker later served as both a prototype builder and R&D/Custom shop supervisor at Guild beginning in 1986. Walker builds archtop and flattop acoustic guitars. As of 2006, Walker is no longer accepting deposits for archtop guitars since the backlog is so long. Flattop guitar orders are still available but the backorder list is over six years long! For more information or how to order, contact Kim Walker directly or visit his website.

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