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Instruments currently built in Tugaske (Saskatchewan), Canada, since 1980.
Timeless Instruments is owned and operated by David Freeman. Founded in 1980, it has been contributing to lutherie around the world for over 30 years. Timeless Instruments offers training to new and developing Luthiers, supplies for a variety of instrument construction, as well as creating fine custom built instruments.
As a builder, David is constantly pushing himself in the areas of research, design, and craftsmanship. He draws on his extensive experience of teaching and building since 1980. He builds one instrument at a time, focusing on sound, playability, and aesthetics. He has completed a series of instruments researching off-center (offcet) soundholes. This has allowed him to build guitars featuring 24 frets with a deep cutaway for easy access to the fingerboard, opening up more options for the player. The offset soundhole also increases the ability for the player to hear themselves without compromising projection to the audience. It acts like a side port monitor but keeps the projection straight out to the audience.
After 30 plus years, David has a large inventory selection of aged wood dating as far back as the 1960s to choose from when creating a new instrument. Back and sides can be built of traditional rosewoods, figured maple and mahogany are available, as well as a selection of alternative tonewoods. A sampling includes: Ancient Kauri, Spanish Cedar, American Black Walnut, Cherry, figured Hawaiian Koa, Holly, and Cucumber Magnolia. For tops there are five types of spruce, (Sitka, Italian sp, German sp, Engelmann, Lutz,) red cedar, and yellow cedar, sub-alpine fir, and Douglas fir. Neck wood can be mahogany, cherry, walnut, and maple for steel strings or Spanish cedar and yellow cedar for flamencos and classicals.
Timeless Instruments has also begun a line of Tenor Ukuleles " The White Tui" model features New Zealand Ancient Kauri for back & sides, with spruce of cedar soundboard.
David also builds wooden body resonators - both round neck and square neck - and harps of various sizes as custom builds. From 22 string lap harps to 36 string floor models the wood used varies with the sound and appearance the customer desires.
In the fall of 2011, Seth Freeman (David's son) began working at Timeless Instruments and works in building and marketing. A new website is launching in December 2014. He is also training to teach lutherie in the future.

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