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Instruments currently built in Calgary (Alberta), Canada since 1990.
Always interested in music, luthier Judy Threet had been playing guitar both semi-professionally and for pleasure for many years. Initially pursuing an academic career, she earned her Ph.D in Philosophy at Stanford (Palo Alto, California) in 1986; she then taught for a few years at the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada). While teaching in Calgary, Threet met luthier Michael Heiden (see Heiden Stringed Instruments) and learned the art of inlay ("as a diversion," she claims).
Living in Calgary at the time, Heiden was gaining a reputation as a highly gifted luthier - and as a result was becoming increasingly busy. Heiden needed some help at his shop (especially doing inlay work), and Threet´s Fine Arts background from her early university days served her well as she offered to help. Over the next year and a half, Threet spent time away from her teaching career working with Heiden on inlays, and in the process began to learn the rudiments of guitar building.
In 1990, Threet decided to switch careers and become a luthier. She asked Heiden to teach her how to build and repair guitars, and it was agreed that under his careful supervision she would build a guitar from start to finish. When Heiden subsequently moved to British Columbia, Threet opened her own shop in 1991. Initially concentrating on guitar repair, Threet´s focus shifted to building acoustic guitars. She designed and completed eight guitars by the end of 1994.
In her current location (a warehouse loft in one of Calgary´s oldest areas), Threet individually handcrafts acoustic guitars and often customizes them to her client´s wishes. Custom inlays are a specialty and are highly encouraged.
Threet guitars are relatively small-bodied instruments that are lightweight but strong and are especially well-suited to finger style playing. Threet estimates that she produces six to eight instruments per year.

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