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Instruments currently built in Bridgewater, NJ since 2004.
Luthier Mark Simon began building guitars in the 1970s, and he founded Terraplane in 2004 to build metal-bodied resonators. Simon uses brass and nickel-silver metals, National-style or Dobro-style spider cones, and Jason Lollar pickups in his construction. Simon also offers some non-traditional features in his resonators including a single cutaway and a patent-pending string anchoring system with no actual tailpiece. Simon has built instruments for Johnny Winter, Sonny Landreth, Arlen Roth, and Cindy Cashdollar. His resonators start at $7,700. Simon also offers a line of tube amplifiers designed specifically for use with his resonators. For more information, visit Terraplane's website or contact Simon directly.

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