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Instruments previously produced in Japan from 1975 through 1979 by Ibanez. Distributed in the U.S. by the Chesbro Music Company of Idaho Falls, ID.
The Tama trademark is better known on the Hoshino-produced quality drum sets. Nevertheless, the Tama trademark was used on two series of acoustic guitars offered during the mid- to late 1970s. The first series introduced was entry level to good quality D-45 shaped acoustics that featured a laminated top. However, the quality level jumped on the second series. The second series featured a solid top, mahogany neck, and East Indian and Brazilian rosewoods, as well as a light oil finish.
One way to determine a solid top acoustic from a ply or laminated top is to check the cross section of the wood on the edge of the soundhole. If the wood seems continuous, it´s probably a solid top. If you can see layers, or if the inside of the edge is painted (check the wood inside the top - if it is different in appearance from the outside it´s probably laminated), then the top is plywood. No, it´s not the sheets that you build houses with! A plywood top is several layers of wood glued and pressed together. However, a solid top guitar will resonate better (because it´s one piece of wood) and the tone will get better as the wood ages, (Tama Guitars overview courtesy Michael R. Stanger, Stringed Instrument Division of Missoula, Montana, Model descriptions courtesy Michael Wright, et. al., Ibanez, The Untold Story).

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