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McNally Instruments. Instruments currently produced. Distributed by McNally Instruments in Rockaway, NJ.
Bob McNally designed the Strumstick, as well as the Backpacker model by Martin. The Strumstick is a guitar with three strings on it and no matter where you place your fingers, it creates a chord. This is achieved by making the entire fret-board a major scale, so there are no flats or sharps. It is intended for someone who does not know much about instruments, but is versatile enough for professionals to get a lot of use out of it. McNally has also introduced the model with different scales (Grand, Alto), different wood types (padouk, rosewood, koa), and more advanced models (four-string chromatic). The Standard Strumstick retails for $140. In 2006, McNally moved from Hibernia, NJ to Rockaway, NJ. For more information, contact the company directly.

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