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Instruments previously built by Epiphone in New York, NY circa mid-1930s. Distributed by C.M.I. (Chicago Musical Instruments).
In the book, Epiphone: The House of Stathopoulo, authors Jim Fisch and L.B. Fred indicate that Sorrentino instruments were built by Epaminondas Stathopoulos┬┤ Epiphone company during the mid-1930s. Unlike other 1930s budget lines, the Sorrentinos are similar in quality and prices to Epiphones during this time period. Of the six models (Luxor, Premier, Artist, Avon, Lido, and Arcadia), two models were even higher priced than their Epiphone counterpart!
Sorrentinos share construction designs and serialization similar to same-period Epiphones, and headstock designs similar to the Epiphone-built Howard brand models. Sorrentinos, like budget line Gibsons, do not have a truss rod in the neck. Labels inside the body read: Sorrentino Mfg. Co., USA (source: Jim Fisch and L.B. Fred, Epiphone: The House of Stathopoulo).

From Blue Book Publications:

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