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Instruments currently built in Melbourne Victoria, Australia since the early 1980s.
Luthier Greg Smallman continues to push the mechanical limits on the classical guitar form. Though the instruments look conventional, Smallman utilizes a flexible criss-cross lattice-like internal strutting composed of balsawood reinforced by carbon fiber under a thin top to increase the volume of the guitar. Backs and sides are constructed from laminated rosewood, which reduces the amount of energy that they might absorb from the top, which also enhances the guitar´s projection. Smallman favors cedar for his guitar tops (source: Tony Bacon, The Ultimate Guitar Book).
Luthier Smallman makes a small number of guitars each year, has a moderately high asking price, and has a long waiting list. ´Used´ Smallman guitars rarely turn up on the secondary market.

From Blue Book Publications:

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