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Instruments currently built in Den Haag, Netherlands since 1978. Distributed through Luthier Slaman´s workshop, Casa Benelly in Den Haag, and La Guitarra Buena in Amsterdam.
Luthier Daniel Slaman began building classical guitars in 1978. Slaman participated in a guitar making Masterclass hosted by Jose L. Romanillos in 1988, and professes a strong design influence by Romanillos. In 1997, Slaman and Robert Benedetto presented guitar making workshops at the Instrument Museum in Berlin during the History of the Guitar in Rock and Jazz exhibition.
Slaman introduced a number of new acoustic models in 1996 as well. By slightly offsetting the body contour, Slaman produced a cutaway on his classical model (which allows access to all 20 frets); this model has been named the Classic Access. A variation named the Flamenco Access is in the works. Another model is a European jazz guitar inspired by the Selmer models built in France from 1932 to 1952. SlamanĀ“s Modele Jazz is offered as brand new, or with antique parts and distressing as the Modele Jazz Patina. List prices include a Hiscox case.
The majority of SlamanĀ“s instruments were built after 1992. Slaman currently produces between ten and fifteen handcrafted instruments a year, although archtop building is more time consuming and thus tends to slow down the building schedule.

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