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Instruments currently built in Kentwood, MI since 1989. Instruments are available through Scheerhorn or Elderly Instruments of Lansing, MI.
Luthier Tim Scheerhorn has background training as a tool and die maker, a tool engineer, and is a specialist in process automation for manufacturing. In the past, his hobbies generally involved rebuilding something - either boats or classic cars. But in 1986, Scheerhorn picked up a resonator guitar and later found himself immersed in the world of custom guitar building.
Although Scheerhorn did have prior experience setting up banjos and resonator guitars for other players, he had never built a musical instrument from scratch. He did possess a new OMI Dobro, and a Regal from the 1930s. In February of 1989, Scheerhorn began building guitars based on the Regal model and his own innovations. In the summer of 1989 the guitar was tested by Mike Auldridge (Seldom Scene) at the Winterhawk festival in New York. Encouraged by Auldridge┬┤s enthusiasm, Scheerhorn returned to his workshop and continued building.
Scheerhorn limits production to three or four instruments a month. All guitars are hand built by Scheerhorn.

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