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Instruments currently built in Santa Cruz, CA since 1976. Distributed by the Santa Cruz Guitar Company (SCGC) located in Santa Cruz, CA.
The Santa Cruz Guitar company has been creating high quality acoustic guitars since 1976. Founded by Richard Hoover, who first became interested in guitar building around 1969, and moved to Santa Cruz in 1972 where he studied once a week under a classical guitar builder. Hoover continued honing his skills through daily on-the-job training and talking with other builders. While he was learning the guitar building trade, Hoover was still playing guitar professionally. Hoover ran his own shop for a number of years, producing guitars under the "Rodeo" trademark.
The Santa Cruz Guitar Company was formed by Richard Hoover and two partners in 1976. Their objective was to build acoustic guitars with consistent quality. By drawing on building traditions of the classical guitar and violin builders, Hoover based the new company's building concept on wood choice, voicing the tops, and tuning the guitar bodies. The company's production of individually-built guitars has expanded by working with a group of established luthiers. Santa Cruz now offers several different guitar models with a wide variety of custom options. It is estimated that over half of the guitars are made to order to customer's specifications. For more information, contact Santa Cruz directly or visit their website.

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